Texas Car Dealerships

Daly & Campbell have experience in helping Texas independent car dealerships in almost all aspects of establishing and maintaining a car dealership business.  If you are an independent car dealership in Texas, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell are here to help you.

TDMV Violations

If you have received a Notice of Violation, call now to protect your business against high civil penalties and potential loss of your license.

Business Formation

The structure of ever business is the foundation on which it will grow. A car dealership is no different.

Business Processes

From fraud protection to cyber security, car dealership face unique challenges that require unique business solutions.

Daly & Campbell Is Experienced With TDMV

If You Have Receive a Notice of Violation? Don't Go It Alone.

Texas Department Of Motor Vehicle
2016 investigation
TDMV Investigations
1 %
Investigations Resulting
in Violations
1 %
Cases Against
Independent Car Dealers
Complaints Filed in 2016?

Most Common Complaints:

  • failure to timely transfer title
  • failure to timely remit sales tax
  • misrepresentation
  • vehicle inventory tax violations referred by county tax authorities
  • Complaints
  • Investigations
  • Field Inspections
  • Notice of Violations
  • Negotiations
  • Contested Hearings
  • Appeals


Daly & Campbell Understand the tdmv process

Starting a car dealership?

Car Dealerships are a Heavily Regulated Industry.
Don't Go It Alone.
  • Business Formation
  • Applications
  • Location Regulations
  • Accounting Regulations
  • webDealer
  • eTag
  • Business to Business Agreements