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Pursuing Compensation for Injured Pedestrians

The attorneys of Daly & Campbell Law Firm pursue financial compensation for clients who were seriously injured after being hit by a car, or other vehicle while walking. Many people injured while trying to cross the street are children or elderly individuals. However, everyone is at risk from aggressive, distracted or careless drivers. We handle cases that involve:

  • Distracted drivers, who were talking or texting, reading a GPS, eating, putting on makeup, or doing anything other than driving.
  • Aggressive divers who were speeding or trying to make it through an intersection before the light turned red.
  • Drunk drivers who may have hit a person crossing the street, or walking down a sidewalk.
  • Careless drivers who failed to check for pedestrians before turning at a stop light or stop sign.
  • Police or emergency vehicles that fail to use their sirens or follow other procedures.

We will carefully study all facets of your case to determine what happened and who is responsible for the damages. Then we will pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses. If the driver who injured you was breaking the law, we may seek punitive damages (those meant to punish) in addition to compensatory damages (those intended to compensate you for losses).

Standing Up for the Rights of Pedestrians

A pedestrian hit by a car has rights. We work diligently to protect them. To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact Daly & Campbell Law Firm by  calling 281-488-1500. From our office in Friendswood, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide.

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Why Daly Campbell?

Passion for People

Daly & Campbell is led by trial attorneys Brendan M. Daly and J. Reese Campbell who have a passion for helping people.  After serving the community and representing the State of Texas as prosecutors, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell utilize their civil experience and  trial expertise to guide their clients through whatever challenges life may bring them.

Clients find comfort knowing that “Trial Lawyers” is not a marketing gimmick.  In the modern age of mediation and arbitration, that vast majority of civil litigation attorneys have little courtroom experience.  As prosecutors, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell gained experience trying countless jury trials ranging from white collar crime to murder.  Now they utilize these skills on behalf of clients involved in civil litigation. 

Trial Lawyers


Daly & Campbell are able to offer their clients legal services in a full range of areas due to their wide ranging experience.  To get a better idea of the spectrum of their legal expertise, see their current list of 2018 cases below.  Their academic approach to the study of allow not only allows them to help a broader group of clients but also allows them to offer legal services to those who are facing unique and complicated challenges.

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