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Whether you are injured by a drunk driver or you are facing a tragic wrongful death instance,  trust the lawyer who gives every case an exceptional level of attention.

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Get back to a healthy mental, physical, or financial state after an accident.

Retain the services of the Daly & Campbell Law Firm who treats clients like family, and handles their cases accordingly. With more than ten years of experience, they have established themselves as a law firm that does more than just win cases.  Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell are trial lawyers who devote personal attention to every case he takes on, and often remains in constant contact with his clients throughout the course of their legal struggles. As highly personalized lawyers, they never make you pay unless you win your personal injury case.

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Personal Injury Attorneys

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About the Firm

Daly & Campbell is led by trial attorneys Brendan M. Daly and J. Reese Campbell, who are both former prosecutor. They have a track record that shows two trial lawyers who are committed to their clients and the success of their cases. The personal promise they provide to every client is that no stone will go unturned in the mission to get you the best outcome possible for your case. From procuring a fair and just settlement for your injuries or a proper judgment should your case require a jury trial, every resource will be used to return you to your normal life.

The Daly & Campbell Law Firm proudly represents injured people in the state of Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast. With years of experience fighting and winning a wide array of cases, Daly & Campbell is committed to successfully defending the rights of individuals as well as ensuring their way of life is not compromised when injured by another.

The attorneys at Daly & Campbell are entirely devoted to helping clients through life’s challenges.  They are equally skilled in aggressive negotiation and litigation to fight for the client’s rights in court. From advising on business formation strategies to complex dissolution involving a complicated custody battle, extensive property valuation, or finding hidden assets, the firm’s attorneys stand ready to offer:

  • Aggressive representation — We share your urgency and press opposing parties for swift, fair resolutions
  • Personal attention — Our attorneys make a personal investment in your success
  • Skilled litigation — Our attorneys have the tools to win at trial and on appeal
  • Authoritative advice — If major media outlets ask our opinion, shouldn’t you?
  • Free consultation — So you can choose your attorney carefully
  • Very reasonable rates — You don’t have to pay more to get the best!

Personal Attention and Frequent Communication

As a client, Daly & Campbell ensure your case is always handled, your deadlines met, and your phone calls answered.