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We treat clients like family, and handles their cases accordingly.  A law firm that does more than just win cases.  Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell are trial lawyers who devote personal attention to every case he takes on, and often remains in constant contact with his clients throughout the course of their legal struggles.

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Daly & Campbell is led by trial attorneys Brendan M. Daly and J. Reese Campbell, who learned how to win in court while fighting for victims of the most horrific crimes.  They continue their commitment to justice by relentlessly fighting for their clients. 

The Daly & Campbell Law Firm proudly represents injured people in the state of Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast. With years of experience fighting and winning a wide array of cases, Daly & Campbell is committed to successfully defending the rights of individuals as well as ensuring their way of life is not compromised when injured by another.


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Imagine that you are driving to your job when all of a sudden you hear an 18-wheeler trying to screech to a stop behind you. You try to get out of his way, but you are too late. You have just been involved in a high-speed traffic collision. Thoughts immediately start racing through your head: your car, your job, paying for damages, paying for doctor’s bills, and the fact that this could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit. The Daly & Campbell Law Firm’s founders, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell are personal injury lawyers who are here to get you the proper compensation for your injuries and your property. All you need to worry about is resting and healing.

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Dangerous Roads And Highways

Some accidents are not caused by you or the other driver, but by the roadway itself. Dangerous roads and highways can trigger an accident that can cause serious injuries or fatalities to people in multiple vehicles. The attorneys of Daly Law Firm know where to look for evidence of negligence that may have caused an accident that injured you. We represent clients injured due to many different types of dangerous road and highway conditions, including but not limited to: Turns that were designed too tight Inadequate signs or lack of necessary signs Bad pavement, including pot holes Missing, confusing or inadequate pavement markings Inadequate lighting Inadequate drainage Poorly marked construction zones Inadequate, missing or improperly placed roadway hardware, like guard rails or light posts Bad sight lines Defective design Defective construction The I-10 corridor is heavily traveled by 18-wheelers and other vehicles. It seems to be constantly under construction. We represent clients who were injured by dangerous conditions due to the wear and tear on the road, and by negligence related to highway construction and repair. For example, every construction project must have an approved maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan ? a plan for how and where to divert traffic during construction. If the plan is inadequate or improperly executed, it can cause accidents. The personal injury lawyers at Daly Law Firm have the experience and awareness of these facets and the role they play in a potential settlement.

What Causes Truck Accidents

Every truck accident is different, but many accidents have similar causes. At the Daly & Campbell Law Firm, attorneys Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell understand that negligence is the most common cause of truck accidents. Our lawyers help people injured in truck accidents obtain full compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, medical and rehabilitation costs, and other accident-related damages. How Truck Accidents Can Happen When it comes to truck accidents, negligence can take many forms, including: Driver fatigue Lack of safety equipment Failure to follow safety regulations Improper inspection, maintenance and repair Drunk or drug-impaired driving Speeding Tailgating Lack of training or licensing Overweight trucks Unbalanced loads Failure to secure the load Improper loading Failure to take required sleep and rest breaks Overly aggressive schedules Driving in bad weather conditions Inadequate surveillance (not watching the road) Failure to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations Whether you were injured in a jackknife accident, a rollover, an underride, rear-end, head-on or any other type of accident involving a large truck, it is important to discuss your legal rights with a lawyer experienced in truck accident claims. It costs you nothing to find out if we can help. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and advise you of your legal options. If you choose us as your legal representative, you will pay nothing upfront and nothing out of pocket. Our fees come as a percentage of whatever compensation we win for you. Contact the Houston Truck Accident Injury Lawyers To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please?contact?Daly & Campbell Law Firm by e-mail or call. From our office in Houston, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide.

Causes of Truck Accidents: Truck Driver Negligence

In his song ?Eastbound and Down,? Jerry Reed summed up the problem truck drivers face every day: ?We?ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.? The pressure to make deliveries on time can cause truck drivers to take risks that put themselves and other drivers at risk. The attorneys of the Daly & Campbell Law Firm, represent people who were harmed in accidents caused by truck driver negligence, including: Drunk driving Driving while under the influence of drugs Driver fatigue from violating hours of service regulations Aggressive driving Speeding, tailgating, failure to use signals Distracted driving, e-mailing, texting, watching movies while driving Driving in adverse weather conditions Failure to properly inspect the truck, trailer and load Overweight or unbalanced loads Lack of proper licensing or training Trucking Companies Bear Some of the Blame In some cases, truck drivers are pushed to take unnecessary risks by trucking companies. The drivers may need to choose between losing their jobs and taking chances on the road. Trucking companies put truckers and other drivers at risk when they: Fail to perform required drug tests Hire unqualified drivers Hire drivers who have criminal backgrounds that include drunk driving or reckless driving offenses Contact the Houston Truck Accident Injury Lawyers To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please?contact?Daly & Campbell Law Firm by e-mail or call. From our office in Houston, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide.

What To Do After A Car Accident

According to the ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), nearly 2.35 million people are injured in car crashes each year. With such a high statistic, it?s no wonder taking any form of legal action can be intimidating, and even discouraging. However, at Daly Law Firm, we firmly believe in defending you to the best of our ability. We specialize in personal injury and car accident injuries and firmly defend you, not the insurance company. Regardless of your injury, there are some things you?ll want to cover to ensure the best outcome for you. Each state abides by what?s called ?accident law?. The details of it can vary from state to state but first and foremost there is a time limit on how long you are able to file for a personal injury case. To know the best practices and bases to cover for your accident case, it?s necessary to know the accident law that Texas abides by. Let?s take a look at the law that is set in place. Time Frame Requirements In Texas, there is a two year maximum time frame that you must file by when dealing with personal injury from a car accident. Starting from the date of the accident, you will have two years to file for personal injury claims. It?s important to note that this does not include the time it takes to file your claim with the insurance company. However, it?s a good idea to file with your insurance as close to the accident as you can. Once it?s filed, there will need to be an inspection of the vehicles and an evaluation of injuries. Don?t underestimate how fast time can go by, take action as soon as possible. In the incident of getting into an accident with a city vehicle, you will need to look into the guidelines and rules?to know how to approach the situation. To help set you up for the best success in your defense, let?s take a look at some crucial pieces to be aware of. Choose Your Words Carefully Car accidents are scary and can cause an array of emotions. In the midst of the all the charged emotions, it?s important to remain as calm as possible in the situation and be careful what you say at the scene. In the event that you are conscious and able to communicate well, do not admit to fault at the scene. Any statement you make can be used as evidence in the case filed. Try to limit your conversation with the other person involved and stick to the exchange of insurance information and police investigation cooperation. If the police officer asks you for an explanation of the scenario, be equally as careful in your word choice. File a Report to Your Insurance Though you have a two year window, be prompt in filing your accident. It is possible for insurances to refuse the option to protect you if you failed to report the accident early on. When you file with your insurance agency, dig a little deeper into your insurance plan. Ask them about the in?s and out?s of your policy and what you may be entitled to for benefits, rental cars in the event that your car is totaled, wage loss if the injury is serious, or any medical bills. Once the claim is processed, if you are not responsible for the accident, you won?t see a raise in your insurance rate.. As you continue to move forward with your insurance company, cooperate with them and the requests they may have. If you sought medical attention after the accident, they may want to speak with your doctors or need to have a specific company they have pre-approved check your vehicle. Though you?d like to assume them to be on your side from the get-go, insurance companies are careful with their stance as well and can remove the benefits you could receive if you do not cooperate with them. Above all, be honest and transparent with them. In the event that you hide details that come to light later, your insurance can, again, refuse to cover you or even drop you. Document Everything And we mean everything. If you do seek medical attention immediately after the accident, which we highly recommend, take special note of the instructions your doctor gives you. Failure to comply with these directions or choosing to not get an initial evaluation from your doctor can cause issues with your claim. If and when you have decided to file the claim against the other driver, ensure you are keeping record of all losses you experience in that time, due to the accident. This includes time off work as well as medical bills, lodging, food, etc., keep track of all viable documentation. Include a Lawyer Early Believe it or not, you can actually have a lawyer handle the claim of your accident. Knowing early on that you plan to file against the other driver involved can give you the benefit of reaching out to a lawyer to handle all the messy details. Victims often end up with two or three times of the amount they would normally when they choose to include a lawyer. As mentioned above, dealing with accidents is a stressful, and often emotional, situation. Allowing a lawyer to step in can help alleviate any further stress and give you the confidence to know you?re being fought for by someone who knows the law. Contact US At Daly & Campbell Law Firm, we offer consultation appointments to learn how we can best represent you in the scenario. We fight to protect you, not the insurance. Our passion is to accurately represent the victims of personal injury due to vehicular accidents. Let us help you move forward without the fear of protection, call Daly & Campbell Law Firm today and schedule an appointment with us.

Causes of Truck Accidents: Inadequate Truck Maintenance

A truck is not safe unless it is in proper working order. Failure to inspect, repair and maintain a commercial truck can lead to accidents, injuries and deaths.? The attorneys at the Daly & Campbell Law Firm represent clients who have been injured because a semi tractor trailer, or other large truck was not properly maintained. Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSR) requires vehicle owners to perform regular inspections, repairs and maintenance. They must also retain records of these activities for one year, or for six months after the selling, or otherwise disposing of the truck. If truck owners fail to comply with these regulations, we will hold them accountable. Like all businesses, the trucking industry is a numbers game. Trucking companies make more money when they spend less on truck maintenance and repair. It can be very tempting for truck owners to try to delay certain types of maintenance. For example, truck owners may try to squeeze more mileage out of brakes and tires. This type of penny pinching can be extremely costly to the victims of a truck accident. Compensation for Clients, Safer Roads for All Our law firm?s primary goal is to secure full compensation for our clients. We also seek to show owners of large commercial trucks that negligence is ultimately very costly. Large verdicts and settlements in truck accident claims can encourage trucking companies to comply with safety standards, and thereby make roads and highways safer for everyone. If you were injured in a truck accident, we will determine whether inadequate truck maintenance cause or contributed to the accident. If so, we will seek fair compensation for the full extent of your losses. Contact Us To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please?contact the?Daly & Campbell Law Firm by e-mail or call?281-488-1500. From our office in Houston, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Getting in an accident of any sort is scary, and the aftereffects can be even more detrimental. Depending on the severity of the crash, it?s possible you may not fully realize the long term issues that can ensue. For this reason, Daly Law Firm wants to help give some pointers on common injuries from accidents, and the long term effects they can have. Once you are aware of what price you may have to pay in the long run, we will be better able to defend your claim for legal purposes. If any of the injuries we delve into are a result of your accident, make sure to notify the long term effects and let your lawyer know. Back and Neck Pain Injuring your back in an accident is a very common occurrence and can cause both immediate and long term issues. Even a seemingly harmless whiplash (damage to the soft tissue in your neck) can ignite pain for years to come. Depending on the speed the collision occurs at, the results of whiplash can also affect the joints and discs of your vertebrae. If you have been in an accident, identifying whiplash may not be immediate. Sometimes the symptoms of whiplash can occur days after the collision, such as: Headaches Dizziness Neck stiffness Tingling or numbness in extremities Fatigue Muscle/ligament injury Burning or prickling feeling in the neck In other cases it?s possible for individuals to experience difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or have memory loss and increased nervousness. Though the issues from whiplash usually subside within a time frame of about three months, it is possible for them to continue past that point. There are some studies that show individuals who experienced whiplash in an accident, 15%-40% go on to develop chronic neck, and sometimes overall, pain. For this reason, it?s in your best interest to record your symptoms, the date they occur, and any medical remedy you were given. Emotional Damage Understanding the physical ailments present with a collision is necessary, but it?s also crucial to be aware of the emotional damage they can cause as well. The aspect of psychological damage that a collision can cause, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is a very real issue ?that can affect a person?s ability to function. The results of emotional distress from a traumatic experience, such as an accident, can vary from a general nervousness and be as severe as frequent nightmares or flashbacks. These symptoms can intensify to a level where an individual may never want to drive again, or may not be able to hold a steady job due to the trauma. Did you know that aside from warfare, car accidents are the number one cause of PTSD? The effects and results of the severity of PTSD is correlated with the severity of the accident and can cause long lasting effects. In a study done of 111 accident victims, who sustained no head injuries, found there were a large number of them continued to suffer social and psychological problem with a staggering 25% of them reporting they had significant anxiety and fear when operating or riding in a motor vehicle. The results of emotional and psychological trauma are severities that may not initially seem like an issue, until you are a victim of them. Be sure to note your experiences and communicate them with your legal representative. Head Trauma Head injuries from car accidents are among the most serious injuries that can be detrimental to your health and well being, both immediately and long term. Experiencing a sudden blow of impact like a vehicle collision can cause an upset in typical brain function. Brain injuries can be penetrating or closed, closed being an incident where the brain knocks against the skull and penetrating being a scenario where a foreign object penetrates the skull. Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries can be anywhere from a concussion to a coma with further damaging effects. With the potential to have only minor indicators of symptoms associated with head trauma, it?s crucial to seek immediate medical attention following an accident if there is any indication of head or neck injury. In the cases of injury where death is not the result, the threat of amnesia or even a coma, can be equally detrimental and feed into long term issues. Those who are hospitalized for head trauma, among them 43% can experience issues for the following year after their injury occurred. Keep in mind that CT scans may not show evidence of injury, but that does not mean the individual does not experience the effects of it. Aside from falls, vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death due to traumatic brain injuries at a staggering 31.8%. To prevent the furthering of a serious injury, it?s important to seek medical attention immediately. Scars & Repairs An aspect not often considered is the results of the physical damage once it?s repaired. If there was a traumatic vehicle collision that resulted in extensive or serious physical damage, the repair scars can account for a lofty amount in damages. Large or prominent scarring, such as ones on the face, arms, or hands, are more costly for the individual for both self-consciousness reasons and the pain associated with flesh that is less flexible. In the event of the scarring being located on an area of the joint that is flexed often, it can cause limited mobility or even complete loss in severe cases. The more visible the scarring is to the general public, the higher the cost affiliated is. If you have significant scarring due an accident, it will be important to note how much your scar is worth by seeking a medical opinion. Ask them for an estimate on what it would take to remove the scar or repair it. Asking your primary caregiver for a recommendation to a plastic surgeon and their estimation of what the procedure would cost. Once you obtain all necessary information regarding your scar procedure, whether you choose to follow through with it or not, give all estimates to your lawyer to include in your demand letter and for the case as a whole. Daly Law Firm is here to defend you, not your insurance. In the event of a personal injury, whether automobile collision or otherwise, our goals to have you covered. Whatever the injury sustained may be, we offer over ten years of experience fighting for the client and their well-being. Our passion is our clients, and our priority is to provide you with personal, trustworthy support from your lawyer. To have a free case review, fill out the form on our website, or contact us with any additional questions you may have. Daly Law Firm is on your side. Contact Us To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please?contact?Daly & Campbell Law Firm by e-mail, or call?281-488-1500. From our office in Houston, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers: Safety Equipment

Override and underride accidents are serious, and often fatal, types of car-truck accidents that are caused by a lack of important safety equipment. Override accidents happen when a truck runs over a car in front of it. Underride accidents occur when a car drives under an 18-wheeler, or other large truck. They account for up to half the fatalities that occur in truck accidents. Underride accidents can happen on the side, rear, or front of the truck. Underride guards and other safety equipment can help reduce injuries and fatalities to other drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandates that all trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or greater made since January 1998 be equipped with a rear underride guard. NHTSA also requires that trucks and trailers meet standards for lighting and reflective markings. Failure to meet these standards can lead to underride accidents, particularly when a semi tractor trailer crosses a highway at night. Without these markings and lights, the trailer is invisible to oncoming traffic until it is too late. How We Can Help The attorneys of Daly Law Firm will find out whether the truck that injured you was equipped with all appropriate safety equipment, and whether all appropriate safety precautions were taken. We will look for: Lack of underride protection Lack of safety lighting Lack of reflective markings Improper loading Failure to comply with weight restrictions Failure to properly secure the load When necessary, we will retain an accident reconstructionist who will study how the accident occurred, and whether lack of proper safety equipment or failure to take safety measures caused or contributed to the accident. Contact Us To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please?contact the?Daly & Campbell Law Firm by e-mail or call?281-488-1500. From our office in Houston, we represent clients in southeast Texas, throughout the state and nationwide.

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