Common Car Accident Injuries

Back and Neck Pain

Injuring your back in an accident is a very common occurrence and can cause both immediate and long term issues. Even a seemingly harmless whiplash (damage to the soft tissue in your neck) can ignite pain for years to come. Depending on the speed the collision occurs at, the results of whiplash can also affect the joints and discs of your vertebrae. If you have been in an accident, identifying whiplash may not be immediate. Sometimes the symptoms of whiplash can occur days after the collision, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Tingling or numbness in extremities
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle/ligament injury
  • Burning or prickling feeling in the neck

In other cases it?s possible for individuals to experience difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or have memory loss and increased nervousness. Though the issues from whiplash usually subside within a time frame of about three months, it is possible for them to continue past that point. There are some studies that show individuals who experienced whiplash in an accident, 15%-40% go on to develop chronic neck, and sometimes overall, pain. For this reason, it?s in your best interest to record your symptoms, the date they occur, and any medical remedy you were given.

Emotional Damage

Understanding the physical ailments present with a collision is necessary, but it?s also crucial to be aware of the emotional damage they can cause as well. The aspect of psychological damage that a collision can cause, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is a very real issue ?that can affect a person?s ability to function. The results of emotional distress from a traumatic experience, such as an accident, can vary from a general nervousness and be as severe as frequent nightmares or flashbacks. These symptoms can intensify to a level where an individual may never want to drive again, or may not be able to hold a steady job due to the trauma.

Did you know that aside from warfare, car accidents are the number one cause of PTSD? The effects and results of the severity of PTSD is correlated with the severity of the accident and can cause long lasting effects. In a study done of 111 accident victims, who sustained no head injuries, found there were a large number of them continued to suffer social and psychological problem with a staggering 25% of them reporting they had significant anxiety and fear when operating or riding in a motor vehicle. The results of emotional and psychological trauma are severities that may not initially seem like an issue, until you are a victim of them. Be sure to note your experiences and communicate them with your legal representative.

Head Trauma

Head injuries from car accidents are among the most serious injuries that can be detrimental to your health and well being, both immediately and long term. Experiencing a sudden blow of impact like a vehicle collision can cause an upset in typical brain function. Brain injuries can be penetrating or closed, closed being an incident where the brain knocks against the skull and penetrating being a scenario where a foreign object penetrates the skull. Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries can be anywhere from a concussion to a coma with further damaging effects. With the potential to have only minor indicators of symptoms associated with head trauma, it?s crucial to seek immediate medical attention following an accident if there is any indication of head or neck injury.

In the cases of injury where death is not the result, the threat of amnesia or even a coma, can be equally detrimental and feed into long term issues. Those who are hospitalized for head trauma, among them 43% can experience issues for the following year after their injury occurred. Keep in mind that CT scans may not show evidence of injury, but that does not mean the individual does not experience the effects of it. Aside from falls, vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death due to traumatic brain injuries at a staggering 31.8%. To prevent the furthering of a serious injury, it?s important to seek medical attention immediately.

Scars & Repairs

An aspect not often considered is the results of the physical damage once it?s repaired. If there was a traumatic vehicle collision that resulted in extensive or serious physical damage, the repair scars can account for a lofty amount in damages. Large or prominent scarring, such as ones on the face, arms, or hands, are more costly for the individual for both self-consciousness reasons and the pain associated with flesh that is less flexible. In the event of the scarring being located on an area of the joint that is flexed often, it can cause limited mobility or even complete loss in severe cases. The more visible the scarring is to the general public, the higher the cost affiliated is.

If you have significant scarring due an accident, it will be important to note how much your scar is worth by seeking a medical opinion. Ask them for an estimate on what it would take to remove the scar or repair it. Asking your primary caregiver for a recommendation to a plastic surgeon and their estimation of what the procedure would cost. Once you obtain all necessary information regarding your scar procedure, whether you choose to follow through with it or not, give all estimates to your lawyer to include in your demand letter and for the case as a whole.

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