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Imagine that you are driving to your job when all of a sudden you hear delivery van trying to screech to a stop behind you. You try to get out of his way, but you are too late. You have just been involved in a high-speed traffic collision. Thoughts immediately start racing through your head: your car, your job, paying for damages, paying for doctor’s bills, and the fact that this could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit. The Daly & Campbell Law Firm’s founders, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell are personal injury lawyers who are here to get you the proper compensation for your injuries and your property. All you need to worry about is resting and healing.


Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents​

When most people think of truck accidents, they think of semi tractor trailer wrecks on the highway. Its important to know that other types of commercial vehicles can also cause significant harm.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2018

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Car, truck and other motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death. Accidents can also cause chronic pain and aggravate preexisting conditions. The attorneys of Daly & Campbell Law Firm help people recover financially from car accidents, and the serious injuries they cause.  We represent clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries in vehicle accidents, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): from concussions to serious head trauma that results in memory loss or difficulty thinking or speaking. TBIs can also lead to coma or death

  • Spinal cord injury: including those that cause permanent paralysis.

  • Back and neck injury: including injuries to disks and soft-tissue injuries, like whiplash.

  • Fractures: including those that require surgery to repair.

  • Burns: painful injuries that are prone to infection, and can leave permanent scars.

  • Amputation: an often life-saving treatment that leaves the patient with a permanent disability.

  • Internal injuries: from impact and from being crushed by heavy objects.

  • Pseudoseizures: a form of seizure that can be triggered by a stressful event.

Making existing conditions worse: Vehicle accidents can also aggravate pre-existing conditions. Migraine headaches or epileptic seizures may become more intense and frequent after the accident. An accident can exacerbate joint problems to the point where joint replacement surgery is required

Pursuing Full Value for Your Losses

We have an understanding of the medical issues involved in injury claims, helps our firm obtain full value for clients’ accident-related injuries. Insurance companies may ask you to sign a settlement agreement quickly and for less money than your case is truly worth. If accident-related injuries develop later, you will not be compensated for them. We will not settle your case until the full extent of your injuries is known.