Calculating Child Support

Calculating monthly child support payments in Texas usually comes down to doing some math.? Below are the standard guidelines however your circumstances may be different

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“There are no winners in family court therefore we are are dedicated to just one thing — aggressively fighting to gain our clients the best possible result. If you are thinking of divorce, call us. Your initial consultation is free.”
— Reese Campbell, Partner

  • Aggressive attitude — We not only have to match, but we must outperform some of the hardest charging attorneys in Houston. So that’s just what we do.

  • Specific knowledge based on actual experience — Being dedicated to family law, we’ve repeatedly tried aspects of divorce that other attorneys rarely see and have honed our strategies for managing these issues. If you have children with special medical needs, or you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, or have an equitable claim to ownership of a spouse’s separate property, our attorneys have probably represented clients under very similar circumstances.

  • Sense of urgency — You’ve made your decision and now you want to get on with your life. As your attorneys, we’re not going to let opposing counsel drag out the process. We play the “full court press,” delivering optimal results in a timely manner.

  • Personal investment — We provide a high level of personal attention during which we truly get to know you. Because we care and because we’re ultra-competitive, we take your case personally. Law firms talk about personal attention but then aren’t accessible to their clients. We are not too busy for you. Our staff is waiting for each new case, and we cherish our clients and love the services we do for them.  We strongly believe in professional decorum but rarely end representation without creating a friendship.

  • Skilled litigation — We are trial lawyers.  We have spent our careers in the courtroom. We enjoy trying cases because we’re good at it. And we’re good at it because we enjoy it.

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