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We welcome clients who are demanding.  If you find yourself in a fight over your children or property, you should be demanding.   We are seasoned litigators who have a passion for helping clients achieve their goals for life after divorce.  Not only in our commitment to obtaining the best outcome possible but also in our desire to see you thrive.

Why Choose Us?

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We know you have options when selecting a divorce attorney. 

How do you choose the right attorney for you?  With so many attorneys, how do you even find the right attorney for you?


Divorces are not the only thing we have ever done and we are proud of that.  As former prosecutors, we have tried the toughest cases, against the toughest adversaries.  As civil litigators, we have gone against the largest law firms in downtown Houston.    The majority of family law attorneys see their role as merely a facilitator to an end and would not know how to be aggressive in litigation if they wanted to be.  You need an attorney that is going to do more than input numbers into a child support calculator and fill out legal forms.

Knowledge & Experience That Matters

Any attorney can read and understand the Texas Family Code.  Ever divorce lawyer, including us, has repeatedly handled typical divorce cases.   We have also handled commercial transaction litigation which means we know how to better protect you while negotiating the sale of your home.  We represent small businesses, so we know how to investigate your spouse’s business assets.  As former prosecutors, our experience in white collar crime means we know how to conduct complex financial investigations to better assist us in finding your spouses hidden assets.

Personal Investment

We provide a high level of personal attention during which we truly get to know you.  We do this because we care.  Our clients are not routed through staff.  Our clients get our direct phone numbers and we are never too busy for you.

We strongly believe in professional decorum but rarely end representation without creating a friendship.

Emotionally Available 

Divorce is rough no matter how tough or resilient you are.  Divorce can be ever more difficult if you have been a victim of emotional or physical abuse. 

As former prosecutors, we have sat and talked with countless of victims of domestic abuse.  Even more, Reese Campbell spent years as a sex crimes prosecutor and has helped countless children and parents through the toughest of times.

We are ultra-competitive.  We want you to get the best outcome possible.  But we also want to see you thrive.

Skilled Trial Lawyers

We are trial lawyers.  We have spent our careers in the courtroom. We enjoy trying cases because we’re good at it. And we’re good at it because we enjoy it.

we are part of the family.
all the way through.

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