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When charged with a crime, there is a team of prosecutors representing the State. Now is the time to decide who will represent you. Yes, the attorney you hire will affect the outcome of your case.

Any attorney can obtain and read the offense report, look at the evidence and show up with you to court. An attorney may proudly tell you that they know how to protect your rights and understand how the criminal justice systems works. All barbers also know how to cut hair and understand how scissors work. Not every haircut turns out the same.

Why Daly Campbell?


They have handled thousands of criminal cases.


After spending years on both sides, they know how it works.


Focused on your peace of mind, they ensure you have full understanding.

Personal Attention

They remain always available to you to ensure you never feel in the dark.

Unique Insight, Experience & Understanding

As a former prosecutors and now as a defense attorneys, Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell have handled thousands of criminal cases and investigations. They have tried all level of cases from marijuana to murder. They know the mistakes and errors that are made over and over again. They don’t have to read the offense report in your case to know the police did not fully investigate. The system is not designed to provide citizens with a proper investigation but instead to cut corners to save costs. Depending on your case, this could be good or bad. Either way They know how to make it benefit you.

They know the overworked, overloaded prosecutors did not truly evaluate your case before charging you. In 2017 over 120,000 criminal charges were filed in Harris County. It’s likely that the prosecutor handling your case has barely read the offense report prior to your attorney reviewing it. Thus, not only are you relying on your attorney to evaluate your case but so is the prosecutor.

Keys to Success

Daly and Campbell know the two keys to a good outcome in your case. The first is to convince the State that your case is one that is going to require more work. This is accomplished by identifying all the flaws and weaknesses in their case. Prosecutors do not have the time or the desire to repair poor police work which will benefit you. The second key is to present you to the prosecutor in the best light. Because prosecutors are overloaded with cases, they do not consider each defendant individually. They will ensure that the prosecutors understand that these charges do not represent who you are. They will work to show them that regardless of the evidence, you are not deserving of punishment or conviction.

The time is now.

You either have or will be scheduled to appear in a criminal court within the following weeks. Now is the time to prepare. Please do not hesitate to call so to discuss your case. Consultations are free. You will feel better and have peace of mind after speaking with Brendan and Reese.

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