DWI & “Community Supervision? (Probation)

The vast majority of DWI convictions result in probation. ?Probation is formally called ?community supervision.? ?When probation is granted, a person is first sentence to jail/prison and a possible fine but that sentence is then suspended for a period of time. ?During that suspended time period, the person is required to follow a list of conditions which is then supervised by the Judge through a probation officer. ?If at any time during that suspend time period the State proves to the Judge that one of the conditions of probation was violated then the Judge can sentence the person to any punishment within the range of the original sentence.

Conditions of Probation

Many of the conditions of probation apply to every probation no matter what the crimes is but DWI cases included their own specific conditions.

General Conditions

Don?t commit a new law violation?Avoid Injurious Conduct (no one really knows what that means)?No consumption of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a doctor?Random drug and alcohol testing?Report to a probation officer as directed but normally no less than once a month?Pay a monthly supervision fee (normally $60)?Pay all fines and court costs?Pay small a donation (usually to Crime Stoppers)?Perform a specific number of community service hours?Remain in the county unless given permission to leave

Specific DWI Conditions

Attend a DWI education class?Install an interlock device on your car and only drive cars that have an interlock device?Jail time as required by the law or ordered by the Court

Reese Campbell