What Causes Truck Accidents

Every truck accident is different, but many accidents have similar causes. At the Daly & Campbell Law Firm, attorneys Brendan Daly and Reese Campbell understand that negligence is the most common cause of truck accidents. Our lawyers help people injured in truck accidents obtain full compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, medical […]

What To Do After A Car Accident

According to the ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), nearly 2.35 million people are injured in car crashes each year. With such a high statistic, it?s no wonder taking any form of legal action can be intimidating, and even discouraging. However, at Daly Law Firm, we firmly believe in defending you to the best […]

Causes of Truck Accidents: Truck Driver Negligence

In his song ?Eastbound and Down,? Jerry Reed summed up the problem truck drivers face every day: ?We?ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.? The pressure to make deliveries on time can cause truck drivers to take risks that put themselves and other drivers at risk. The attorneys […]

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers: Safety Equipment

Override and underride accidents are serious, and often fatal, types of car-truck accidents that are caused by a lack of important safety equipment. Override accidents happen when a truck runs over a car in front of it. Underride accidents occur when a car drives under an 18-wheeler, or other large truck. They account for up […]

Causes of Truck Accidents: Inadequate Truck Maintenance

A truck is not safe unless it is in proper working order. Failure to inspect, repair and maintain a commercial truck can lead to accidents, injuries and deaths.? The attorneys at the Daly & Campbell Law Firm represent clients who have been injured because a semi tractor trailer, or other large truck was not properly […]