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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents. Those injured in motorcycle accidents are often injured more seriously. Legally, motorcycle accident claims can be challenging because of the attitudes jury members have regarding motorcyclists.

The attorneys of Daly & Campbell Law Firm understand the unique nature of motorcycle accidents. We have the experience and knowledge required to overcome these challenges. Our goal is to help people injured in motorcycle accidents obtain the maximum amount of financial compensation they are entitled to receive.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone who rides a motorcycle has most likely had a close call — or worse — with another driver who didn’t see the biker, or failed to yield the right of way. Drivers of larger vehicles tend not to see motorcyclists. Accidents often happen because the other driver just wasn’t looking. Our firm represents people injured in all kinds of motorcycle accidents, including those involving:

  • Distracted drivers who don’t see the motorcyclist
  • Aggressive drivers who intentionally cut off the biker
  • Drivers failing to yield to a motorcyclist turning left
  • Drivers running motorcyclists off the road
  • Drivers pulling into the motorcyclist’s lane

Combating Prejudice

Juries are often less than sympathetic to those injured in a car-motorcycle accident. People often have negative stereotypes about motorcyclists. We work to overcome this prejudice by showing that people who ride motorcycles are average folks, not dangerous rebels. In fact, the largest growing group of motorcycle owners is those age 40 and older. Regardless of the biker’s age, every motorcyclist has as much right to use the road as any other vehicle.

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