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Prompt Pay

While providers face practice expenses, insurance companies hold their money in investments for as long as possible. Daly & Campbell seek recovery for delayed payments under the Texas Prompt Pay Act which provides mandatory payment deadlines on clean claims.

Just as a landlord charges late fees, the law requires it from insurance companies.

Insurance Disputes

Doctors and lawyers are known for not always getting along but we both take great pride in our responsibility for others. We also both know that insurance companies do not. Daly & Campbell stops the insurance companies cycle of deny, delay, confuse and refuse.

“It is important to note if we have to choose between achieving our membership goals and achieving profitability goals, profits will win every time.”
Michael McCallister
CEO Humana Health Insurance

Clearinghouse Audits

Daly & Campbell know that even the most diligent office staff have difficulty monitoring accounts receivable therefore they conduct audits of billing companies to ensure providers are receiving the services they are paying for.

When was the last time your billing company received a checkup?

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