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I have a passion for people, using civil experience and trial expertise to help guide you through the challenges life brings your way.

Brendan M. Daly

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At our first meeting, I will provide you with an honest, straight-forward assessment of your case.  You will know the strengths and weaknesses of your case upfront and I will help you take the necessary steps to improve your situation before we ever step into the courtroom.  Above all else, you will be comforted in knowing that your attorney has been through this fight before, knows the law, and the advice and counsel that you receive is truthful, well-intended, and based on real case experience.

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Overview And Experience

Helping people at their greatest time of need and building lasting relationships with my clients in the thousands of contested and uncontested matters I have handled has been the greatest reward in my legal career.

Brendan Daly

Helping people at their greatest time of need and building lasting relationships with my clients in the thousands of contested and uncontested matters I have handled has been the greatest reward in my legal career.  

Since being admitted to the Texas State Bar in 2006, I have developed a well-rounded practice in multiple disciplines and I have represented clients in legal matters including criminal, probate, personal injury, family, employment and business disputes all across the state. 

As an Assistant District Attorney, I worked hard to help keep our community safe.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I have defended the constitution and I have prevented innocent people from going to prison.  I have helped sick people and elderly people prepare their Last Will and Testaments and I have assisted their children with probating their loved one’s Will after they have passed.  In civil matters, I have had the opportunity, and honor, to hand my clients large amounts of money after hard fought cases with insurance companies.  I have also defended small business owners and individuals against frivilous libel lawsuits, unconscionable contracts and unenforceable non-compete agreements.  In short, I have experienced a lot in my time practicing law and I have always strived to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards in every case.    

Simply, my unique past experience, both as an Assistant District Attorney and as a seasoned civil litigator, has prepared me to effectively handle just about any case that comes across my desk.  That said, if I cannot help you with your legal issue, there is a good chance I know someone who can.   

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