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Mr. Campbell is very knowledgeable. He has helped me on a couple of issues, and I am very appreciative of his professionalism, friendliness, willingness to help, and his candor. I have recommended him to others, and will continue to do so.


Hands Down the Best Lawyers around. Highly recommended. Always on time, reliable, takes all your worries and concerns into consideration. When you hire them they work hard for you.

Mr. Daly was very helpful and knowledgeable in clearing up a situation for our son. I would highly recommend him.


Brendan is an excellent attorney who is very responsive to his clients' needs. I have referred many criminal cases to him and have always received great feedback concerning his work ethic and the outcome received.


Brendan was immediately 100% all in with my case. He got to work right away and wanted my input on how to go about my case, most lawyers in my experience don’t do that. He was compassionate to my situation and was extremely optimistic when I was feeling a lot of stress and depression during the ongoing legal process. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome that Brendan was able to negotiate. Brendan is an aggressive defender and will relentlessly go as far as he can legally possibly go to see your rights are protected and your case is resolved to your liking. I have been able to come to him over the years with several legal matters and he’s always been there to help council me with the best course of action. He’s great with people as well, when family members had questions about my case he was always available to meet up or talk on the phone about the situation, however small or big. I’m grateful for his service to me and I continue to use him as my personal attorney but I also consider him a good friend. Anyone who needs a lawyer for whatever reason should atleast meet with Brendan and I promise you will know you’ve found the best possible legal representation. He will always put your interest first as every lawyer should and he will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome. I’m a younger person but I do plan on setting up a will soon and I plan on asking Brendan to help me with that as well. Brendan is the only lawyer I’ll ever use, you can’t do better.


Mr. Campbell clearly communicated options and fees upfront. He returned all calls in a timely manner and exhibited an excellent knowledge base in his field, which was most appreciated for a family that had never dealt with the legal system. During a scary and uncertain time in our lives, Reese Campbell helped us obtain an acceptable outcome.


These guys are GREAT!

Brendan Daly is very professional, thorough, and hard working! He also has compation for those he represents. He helped me, and i recommend him to anyone!


Brendan is an absolute Godsend in my life. I have Stage 4 Breast Cancer and I was unjustly arrested for a ridiculous charge. I also live out of state. I called two lawyers -one wanted $25,000 and the other $10,000. Brendan was much more reasonable and much much more caring. Without me even having to come back to Texas which would have caused me great stress, Brendan was able to get my case dismissed.His Mom and Dad raised a great son. I was blessed by him representing me.


Jackson Fulham2013-11-14

Brendan helped me get a domestic violence charge dropped. After a verbal argument with my live-in girlfriend, I was actually assaulted by her and I left to go for a drive. The police were called and once there they encouraged her to press charges against me, without ever actually hearing from or seeing me. She declined, but later the officer was calling her cell and still attempting to get her to press charges. She was in a fragile state of mind after our argument; that coupled with the police officers' pressure caused her to follow his advice.. Well literally 12 hours later she realizes the mistake she has made and attempts to get the charges dropped, but once domestic violence charges are filed, the DA's follow through regardless of the filer's input. A warrant was issued for my arrest and I had to be bailed out of jail. All of this when the officers who came to the home NEVER saw me, or even had evidence I was on the property besides the word of my girlfriend. You really don't understand how unfair the police can be until something like this happens to you.I did some research online and decided to contact Brendan Daly. After the initial consultation I immediately chose him to represent me. He told me about his general strategy in dealing with the prosecutors, some cases he handled which were similar, and then went over what our game plan would be for dealing with my case specifically. This was the first time I was ever involved in any kind of legal trouble and having Brendan in my corner made me feel a LOT better. Up until that point I had been a nervous wreck every day.Throughout the whole ordeal Brendan remained in frequent contact and updated me any time he made progress on my case, either by phone call or by text (I told him I was okay with text). If you actually see Brendan in the court room; he has a level of charisma and likeability that the other attorney's lack. His general demeanor just gives you a sense of trust. To me this was a very valuable quality. On my final hearing Brendan was a little late arriving but only because his other client's case in an adjacent courtroom was running longer than expected. That was soon forgotten because when he did show up he spoke with the ADA one final time and my case was DISMISSED within 10 minutes. I have never been so relieved in my life! I would HIGHLY recommend Brendan Daly.

a client2015-07-09

Dandi Doherty2013-12-07

I highly recommend Brendan Daly, upon our first meeting he was very professional and I felt comfortable and trusted him to handle a very serious legal matter. He took the time to show me an extensive list of similar cases to mine that he successfully represented. Brendan diligently listened to the situation and gave instant feedback of the possible outcomes and the next steps to take. After our first court appearance he was able to significantly lesson the charge however, I wasn’t fully satisfied in that I wanted it completely dismissed, as I was innocent. My only option was to take my case to trail. Before the trial process started Brendan with his extensive legal knowledge and compassion for his clients was able to get the charge dismissed entirely without another court appearance. Although, Brendan successfully dismissed my charge it would show in criminal background checks as "dismissed" so I decided to do an expungement, which Brendan stayed in contact with me through out the entire process keeping me updated on the status in a timely manner. In addition, Brendan was affordable compared to other attorney's in the surrounding area.


Ted Mora2013-06-23

Having never dealt with law enforcement in the past, it was to my surprise when the police officer told me that I was charged with assault in an attempt to protect my property. A friend recommended Brendan to me with confidence that he can help me with the case. Sure enough, Brendan made a great first impression with our conversation on the phone and meeting in his office. He laid out his strategy and the steps involved, since I have never involved myself with the law. It was reassuring to have someone to represent me who has extensive knowledge of the law and the compassion for his clients by listening to their situation. My case was eventually dismissed without even a court appearance. If you need a professional, diligent, and compassionate attorney, Brendan is the one for you.